In the D'ni year of 8990 a Grand Master Mararon of the Guild of Writers wrote Teledahn for a good friend and fellow member of the High Council, Lord Hinahsh, as a gift for his 250th birthday. It was a beautiful Age, covered with huge mushrooms growing out of the warm temperate waters. Hinahsh apparently spent little time on the Age, although he did find enough time to study and experiment with the mushrooms and the spores they produced. Being a gifted cook and a member of the Guild of Caterers, Hinahsh developed a unique recipe from the spores that quickly became a delicacy amoungst the elite of D'ni.

Hinahsh died in 9005 and Teledahn was given to the Guild of Caterers. For a number of years the Guild ran a sucessful harvesting operation there until the machinery and industrialization became too much for the environment. The Age was considered "used up" and auctioned off.

Teledahn eventually ended up in the hands of a man named Manesmo, although how he obtained it is slightly unclear. The research of Douglas Sharper indicates he "obtained it pretty cheap" (possibly at the above mentioned auction)1, although official DRC sources suggest he found it in a trash heap. Either way, Manesmo started harvesting the spores once again but the operation was a front. Records indicate that there was a secret investigation started in 9396 by the Guild of Maintainers into the storing and trading of slaves. Sources seem to state that the slaves where being moved to another age by the name of Rebek, where the slaves where used for "entertainment"2. The investigation was still going when D'ni fell, and the truth never came out.


Teledahn is a small world with a unique rotational velocity which causes the sun to traverse the sky at a fixed altitude once every 90 seconds. The world is covered with water and dotted with groups of rocky islands. The constant warmth from the sun and high water content of the Age have resulted in a dominance of fungal flora, with mushrooms growing out of the shallow lagoons to heights of 200 feet or more.


As previously noted, environmental conditions have heavily determined the development of life in the Age. Fungal forms dominate the aquatic landscape, while scrubby bushes cover the rocky hillsides. Animal life in the sea is abundant3, though no terrestrial forms have yet been catalogued beyond a healthy insect-like population.

Three types of animals are readily identified by a visitor. Buggaros (garo = great/big) are large insects. They seem to come from another area of Teledahn and may live colonially in the mushroom stalks. Flappers are strange disc shapped creatures that sit on the waters surface and then leap into the air to feed on the spores that fall from the mushrooms. Of particular interest to the various owners of the Age is a large sea creature that has been dubbed "Shroomie"4. It feeds on the Flappers as well as the giant mushrooms, and has caused serious damage to the spore-mining machinery on numerous occasions.

Additional Notes

The DRC assigned Douglas Sharper to study and restore the Age. A bit of a dubious individual, he discovered the secret slave caves but has kept the knowledge hidden from the DRC. His task of restoration is severely hampered by the condition of the equipment left by the D'ni, which has decayed considerably over the centuries. Sharper has restored about 25% of the land area in the Age, including some of the machinery, but parts of it still remain relatively unstable.

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  2. Gathered by Douglas Sharper and translated by his assistant Nick.
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  4. Historical records indicate that both the Caterer's and Manesmo were concerned with the creature's inference, and the most recent master of Teledahn (Sharper) has put considerable effort into studying it.