Relto HillsRelto was written by Yeesha, the daughter of Atrus and Catherine. It was, in fact, the first Age that Yeesha wrote. She knew that more people would come to D'ni, to follow the call, so she wrote the Age of Relto for people to live in and use for their needs (like a place to store books), have fun with other friends in, and enjoyment (just resting after a hard day of exploring). There are many Reltos, each unique to their inhabitant's preferences.


Window from Relto hutRelto has a peaceful, and hazy atmosphere around it, that makes you want to sleep. There are some shrubs and trees that can be around your Relto too. Outside your hut, you can see four odd pedestals. Each of these has a journey cloth on them that opens to reveal a book that links to another Age. Relto also has an extensive array of creatures, such as fireflies. You can use them as companions when you are lonely, or try and take them with you to another Age.


Relto islandsRelto is an Age where not all is complete. Yeesha has left pages in many worlds, which you must find. When venturing in other Ages, be sure to look out for these interesting pieces of treasure. Relto is a new dimension in our ideas on the Art. Not only is it surrounded by clouds so nearby, but Yeesha has also be known to "manipulate" the Age by using her pages and other tricks.

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