Eder Gira was written by an unknown author during the “Garden Age” craze of the 8100’s. Shortly after it was offered to the public, it was discovered that the Age housed a native civilization with extensive archeological sites. The Age was subsequently removed from the Public Library and given to a research team for further study (presumably the Maintainers).


Eder Gira is a varied landscape, ranging from rocky highlands to dense lowland forests. The Link site lies among the former, in a shallow basin surrounded by sedimentary rock formations (likely caused by erosion, but possibly due to lava from volcanic vents). Waterfalls of almost crystalline clarity run down the mountains into a valley below. A generator of unknown origin sits atop a nearby peak, drawing heat from a volcanic fissure as a source of power. The area also contains a number of geothermal vents which may have also been tapped to the generator. Local erosion has exposed a number of enormous fossils, giving clues to the development and age of the world.


It appears that several civilizations have left their mark on the landscape. The generator and local structures are of concrete/metal construction, of a style seen in many examples of D’ni writing. Towers of enormous height rear from the forests of the valley, apparently of stone construction. Many are in a partly ruined state. The current residents of Eder Gira inhabit (at least in part) a city built against a distant ridge (visible from the last pool before the water disappears into the valley. At this point it looks like getting down the mountainside will take more time and equipment than is available). Architectural styles tend towards large bulbous structures. Contact with the inhabitants has not been established, and records of the original research team have not been made available.


The diversity of flora and fauna equals that of any mature Age. At this point, only the area immediate to the Link site has been opened to DRC research, but observations of the valley and further landscapes point to well established temperate forests in the lowlands and alpine conditions in the mountains. Due to local environmental conditions, the Linking area is rocky and generally bare, though there is evidence of large amounts of rainfall at times. Plant life is generally able to withstand the dry conditions, consisting mainly of grasses and succulents. There is a healthy population of insect life. Ray-like fish inhabit the pools, and birds hunt the skies.

Additional Notes

Eder Gira is a sister Age to Eder Kemo. Written at approximately the same time, they provide a unique dichotomy of barren rock and lush gardens. It is possible that they were written together to illustrate the principle of yin and yang; each is beautiful in its own right, but put together one is better able to appreciate the artistry in the other (This sense of ‘wholeness’ is referred to in Yeesha’s book.).