Gahreesen was most likely written by a member of the Guild of Maintainers in the mid 8000's.1 Visitation to the age was originally strictly limited to members of high rank within the guild itself.

Architecturally, the prominent fortress, or garrison, found in Gahreesen was designed for one purpose - security. To that end protocols and structural designs were implemented to keep unwanted individuals out. It's creation included numerous defense designs such as rotating buildings to prevent unwarranted linking to the age, rotating buildings with bridges in order to curtail and limit the number of individuals approaching the fortress simultaneously, extremely thick, reinforced walls, practically impenetrable doors that open only after another has closed, and slots in the fortress walls (theorized to house snipers).2 In short, the structure seems impregnable.

The fortress itself served as a multifunctional facility. One section of the building was even used as a prison. In keeping with the security design there was a single linking book that linked to every cell in the prison. Due to the continuous rotating cycle of the building, a complex linking apparatus and timing mechanism was associated with the prison linking book. The timing of the link would actually determine which cell the individual linked to.

The fortress was also used as a research and development facility for what may have been a "special forces" division of Maintainers. These elite members trained in teams with maintainers' suits (or "skins") that are found in the age. To what end this training was used is presently unknown..3

Shortly before The Fall, Gahreesen became (in a limited capacity) available to the public. A number of renovations began in order to facilitate visitation and the handing out of KI's. Information on this occurrence is sparse at best but it looks like only a few sections of the age would have been open to the public.


Gahreesen is a beautiful age of blue skies mixed with white clouds. Smooth cliff formations sporadically covered in an arboreal canopy are also found in abundance. The trees themselves are of a unique variety - the trunks grow tall and branchless until reaching the top of the tree whereupon branches fan out into a wide "V" flattop shape. Also interspersed throughout this lush landscape are intermittent waterfalls that flow into pristine lakes. In stark contrast to this tranquil site is the Guild of Maintainers fortress. Its angular carved walls, interspersed with jutting spikes gives a sense of foreboding. It is an intimidating structure in the midst of a peaceful surrounding that gives one a feeling of uneasiness.

Although the surrounding natural environment is beautiful the forests are known to be the home of creatures that are lethal looking. Perhaps they were an additional security feature built into the age or maybe the fortress security was designed in part to keep such creatures out.


The fortress in Gahreesen is a blend of never before seen D'ni architectural styles intertwined with common D'ni structural elements. As mentioned before, the exterior of the building includes sharp angular cuts and a dispersion of spikes throughout the structure. Internally it boasts a more common D'ni style. This is evident in such areas as the conference rooms. Since Gahreesen was the main age for the Guild of Maintainers the culture, especially the political one, was secretive at best.

Additional Notes

Power for the fortress is provided by massive stone cogs that are housed underneath the garrison structure. When activated they are designed to be moved by water power which is in abundant supply in this age. 1. Approximately 8500. 2. Simpson's DRC KI notebook entry, page 6. 3. One theory is they assisted the maintainers in exploring potentially uninhabitable ages that otherwise would be unexplorable without such protection.