Buildings in Er'canaEr’Cana is one of the Granary Ages that supplied the Cavern (others include Er’Duna and Er’Jerah). It was worked mainly by the Guild of Caterers until Kadish acquired it shortly before the Fall. Kadish conducted experiments in several of the processing plants in his attempt to convince the D’ni public that he was the prophesied Grower. His efforts on Er’Cana centered on the idea that the Grower would “bring light to the Cavern”. Apparently he found a way to excite the light-producing algae in the lake, likely through doses of hyper-concentrated fertilization. Kadish moved the Book to the Watcher’s Sanctuary and used it, along with Ahnonay, to prove his claims1.


The Age is vast, from the rolling fields to the clear blue skies. The lowlands were written specifically to facilitate the growth of a multitude of food products. The main exports were grains used to feed the population of the City.

Tram trails in Er'canaThe only Linking Book discovered so far leads to one of the numerous processing facilities located high on a plateau overlooking the farms. The local mills are located in a series of water-carved canyons2, and are connected to each other by an elevated rail system. A similar system brings up harvested goods from the lowlands through a network of tunnels. This allows the easy transfer of raw material and processed goods from station to station.

The highland flora consists of various lichens, grasses, and low shrubs. Peculiar to this environment is a native tree, reaching heights of over 40 feet. Growing from a large bulb that sits above ground level is a single segmented stalk. At some point it develops a single flower with three white petals, from which grows three equal branches. These will also flower, and the tree will continue growing through trichotomous3 division. It prefers a moist environment and will typically be seen growing in depressions that collect rainwater.

Manugacturing plant in Er'canaA massive manufacturing plant fills the end of the canyon and extends below ground as well as into the walls of the mountain. Large parts of the facility and its capabilities remain a mystery4. However, it is known that Kadish engineered it (or at least converted it) to the production of his light-bringing “pellets”. It is dominated by a large windmill, and a central control room allocates power to various parts of the complex.

Additional Notes

Access to the Age is limited, as the only known Book leads to an isolated local. One must assume that other Linking Books exist that lead to the various farms, living quarters, and industrial complexes.

  1. This was done by manufacturing a special tablet, or “pill”, which could be linked back to the Uran Silo in D’ni. When dropped in the lake, an incredibly bright but short-lived glow was produced. One must assume that Kadish continued his research up until the end to produce a more sustainable result.
  2. As evidenced by the rock forms and a large sinkhole which as blocked a side-canyon along with part of the rail system.
  3. Trichotomous: “Three equal parts”. One branch divides into three, each of which then divides into three more, each of which etc.
  4. The whole place is an engineer’s dream, though it would take the lifetimes of hundreds to fully understand the intricacies of it.