Basic Info

Eder Delin Gazebo

Eder Delin is a garden age richly filled with a variety of trees, shrubs and diverse vibrant flora. The lighting therein is lower in the light spectrum and is more subdued than that of Earth. The whole age consists of a rosy ambiance that permeates a soothing atmosphere. This reduced light spectrum was most certainly very desirable to the D’ni due to their sensitivity to brighter light. To compensate for the reduction in natural light, numerous fire marble lamps can be found adorning lampposts and gazebos.

Presently there is no official confirmation of when Eder Delin was written or by whom. It can be assumed the writing of the Age took place in the 8100’s along with tow other garden ages, namely Eder Gira and Eder Kemo.

Garden Age similarities

There are a number of substantial similarities between Eder Delin and Eder Kemo such as:

• Gazebos – These structures are almost identical in style and architecture to those found in Eder Kemo. One main exception is the embedding of fire marble lights in the gazebos in Eder Delin.

• Monotliths – Both Eder Kemo and Eder Delin have a large central stone Monolith. These are structurally identical to each other but differ in color and movement. The Monolith in Eder Kemo slowly rotates 360 degrees while the one in Eder Delin is stationary. The purpose of these sculptures is presently unknown.

• Tripod Arch – Both Ages have a single, twisting tripod arch with a central stone in the middle. There is a symbol carved in the central stone in Eder Kemo. There is no such carving on the stone in Eder Delin.

• Stairways – Both Ages have decorative stairways, carved in typical D’ni artistic style.

• Water Fountain – Each age has a single beautiful multi-tiered water fountain.

• Unique Rock Formations – Eder Kemo, Eder Gira, and Eder Delin all have unique rock formations throughout their respective ages.

Both Eder Gira and Eder Kemo have visible animal life such as fish, birds, insects and arthropods. Eder Delin presumably has animal life in the age due to the chirping sounds of birds though no physical sightings have been confirmed to date. This may be due to the avian life living high in the tops of the trees that grow in the age, residing out of sight.

Presently, open garden ages consist of Eder Gira, Eder Kemo, and Eder Delin. Eder Tsogahl may be opened soon by the DRC. There are hints that Eder Tsogahl may be a sister age to Eder Delin but this cannot not been confirmed.