D'ni Locations

Refer to Rils' Age Doc for informatoion on the history, environment, and culture of D'ni.

Bevin neighborhood

Bevin neighborhoodBevin was the first D'ni neighborhood to be opened by the DRC in 2001. However, at that time, only Authorized Explorers were allowed entrance. Bevin's design is similar to that of all of the other hoods, with lanterns, firemarbles, Ayoheek tables, clocktowers, and fountains being included or excluded in the various hoods. Bevin itself is rather orange and red in tone, with a running fountain, a broken Ayoheek table, no lanterns, a clocktower, and firemarbles.
All the hoods have certain features, however. Each neighborhood has a classroom, eggroom, linking room, and light garden.

Here is a list of the rooms and their functions.

Kirel neighborhood

Kirel NeighborhoodKirel was the DRC hood, while they still were in the cavern. It's layout is similar to Bevin's, except it is mirrored, and the lighting is more blue. A recorded message from Dr. Watson about the restoration is available in the Kirel community room. All around Kirel are paper lanterns, with red D'ni lettering proclaiming 'This is a lantern' on them. The DRC may have had a sense of humor, after all. There is a note, in D'ni, on the desk in the Kirel classroom. Kirel also has no clocktower, no Ayoheek table, a few firemarbles, and a dry fountain.

Canyon Mall

The Canyon Mall is a relatively empty area. It is a long strip of pavement, with one side crumbled into the Canyon, the other lined with unopenable doors. The Mall got it's name when it was said that it had been a place for D'ni shops, and that the DRC might eventually allow modern shops to set up there. The room we know about in the Mall is City District 0080, located behind two doors beneath an arch. The only way into the room is by direct link, though, as the doors are locked.

Kadish Gallery (City District 0080)

Kadish GalleryThe Kadish Gallery was bought by Kadish (KAY-dish), after being removed from his position as Guildmaster of the Guild of Writers. It was designated City District 0080 by the DRC. Rumor has it that some of the pieces in the gallery are by outsider artists. The DRC also cleaned up the Gallery for easier viewing. The Kadish Gallery was in Phase 5 of it's restoration when the cavern was abandoned by the DRC.

Kahlo Pub

Kahlo PubThe Kahlo Pub was closed to the public until December 2003, when Douglas Sharper and a group of cohorts tore down the barricades in protest to the DRC. It is currently in ruin, most tables overturned, cracks, etc.. DRC sources report the pub was suspended in Phase 4: Kahlo - 6/2001 - Phase Four suspension - new "resource" problems have been raised - Watson

Great Stairs

Great StairsThe Great Stairs are two stair cases, a few few feet apart, running from the Ferry Terminal upwards towrds the Guild Hall. In between the two stairs is the popular tree motif, making a line along the line of the Great Zero. If you were to continue it out in one direction, it would run throught the middle of Kerath's Arch, in the other, you would run through the base of the Great Zero.

Ferry Terminal

Ferry TerminalThe Ferry Terminal is, as it's name would suggest, a port for ships coming and going between Ae'gura and the rest of the D'ni city. The system was approved by King Emen in the year 5202 DE, and it was one of the first places in Ae'gura to be approved by the DRC.
The Terminal is divided into two sections. On one side, there are several piers for the ferries tie up. On the other side is an open plaza, which may have served as a coordination place for people visiting Ae'gura. There is a also a switchback staircase leading up to the foot of the Great Stairs. Seperating the two parts is a large building, most likely a customs office of sorts. A couple of broken ferries lay decaying just past the piers.

Rezeero a.k.a. the Great Zero

RezeeroEach and every D'ni Age had a designated Great Zero, from which a line would be drawn, usually towards the magnetic north of that Age, to assist in navigation. The D'ni used a polar system for their navigation, rather than our modern rectangular method, and because of this, having a Zero and it's line were critical.
Built in the year 0 DE, the D'ni Great Zero's purpose was to assist with the development and navigation throughout the Cavern. The monument that was built on it was added to slowly until the fall, and as such is now a very impressive structure. Ri'neref also decided that this Great Zero's line should be devoted purely to religious structures, and that no construction could be done on the line without the consent of the reigning King. (this responsibility was likely given to the Great Lords once the kingship was eliminated) However, in 1817 DE, the King Me'erta said that the line of the Great Zero was inacccurate, and should cease to be honored. But in 3112, King Rakeri decided the line truly was correct, and that it should once again be respected.

The Arch of Kerath

The Arch of KerathThe Arch of Kerath, originally named the Arch of the Kings, was an important structure to the D'ni culture. Construction on the Arch began in the year 600 DE, and it was completed in 625 DE. The D'ni number system is base 25, therefore the year 625 was very significant and signaled their first century in the D'ni cavern. The construction of the Arch was also important, as it would allow the fulfillment of several prophecies related to the Great King. Later, it was renamed as The Arch of Kerath.

Tokotah Alley

Tokotah AlleyThe Tokotah Alley is a walkway between Tokotah I and II (I being to the left and II to the right). At the end of the Alley the floor has crumbled, with a steep dropoff to the Ferry Terminal below.

Note by Deg: Several explorers have since reported strange occurrences in the Alley. The events are being investigated and further details will be reported as events warrant.

Tokotah Rooftop

Tokotah RooftopAtop Tokotah II is a DRC station, accessed via a link stone from Eder Gira. Eight DRC journals on the D'ni Kings and four on their culture lay on the tables around the room. Other objects of note are a typewriter, a Mysterium 2000 pin, a cot, many crates, a couple of rugs, several chairs, and other DRC epuipment, such as barricades, cones, etc.. Mounted on a notch in the wall, a single telescope looks down at the courtyard below.

Concert Hall & Foyer

Currently, the Concert Hall is barricaded off to explorers. However, the Foyer is open and serves as a path between the Library and the Palace. The structure is crescent-shaped, with the inside curve facing out over the harbor and windows providing a good view of the Arch of Kerath. A Nexus Terminal resides near the blocked Hall entrance.


Library[Constructed at the order of King Ailesh in the year 233 DE,] the Library was a common library, open to all D'ni citizens. Outside, it is circled by a paved area, although one side has crumbled and fallen into the lake below. Its interior is divided into two sections, upper and lower. Currently, the upper library doors are closed and can not be opened. However, the lower library is accesible to some extent. The Library is a circular room, with rows of book stands lining the walls. A spiraling staircase goes down and out of sight, and DRC barriers block explorers from going down more than one level. On a table in the library lay 4 stories about various Kings.


PalaceThe Palace is a relatively small room, round and with a domed ceiling. The floor is covered with a tree motif, similar to other designs in Ae'gura. All around the room, stone book stands protrude from the wall. They hold DRC translations of the events and notable acheivements of each of the D'ni Kings. Eight of the thirty-four stands lay empty, but the books that would have been there are instead located on the Tokotah Rooftop.


MuseumLocated between the Guild Hall and Tokotah I, the Ae'gura Museum is one of the areas to which we have very limited access. There are a few D'ni paintings, not the least of which being a portrait of King Kerath. On a table lies a DRC paper with silhouettes of various creatures from the as yet unopened Negilahn Age.


Brackets indicate information that I am not sure of. The comment on the Library is from the book on the Tokotah Rooftop about him, saying that 'he refused to build himself a palace until a common library had been constructed'. Does anyone know if this refers to the Ae'gura library, or one in the City Proper? I'm also undecided on whether or not to include the Arch. All the information about it is mostly cultural, but it's also an 'area'.