Basics of D'ni Exploration


  1. Where/what is D'ni?

    In 1987, D'ni was rediscovered. It is a massive cavern underneath New Mexico, USA that once held an ancient civilization called the D'ni. This civilization fell apart approximately 200 to 300 years ago and left the D'ni cavern in ruins. New explorers often hear of Ae'gura, the main island in the Cavern.

  2. What is Uru Live or Uru Prologue?

    In 2002, several hundred explorers felt "a call" to New Mexico. Some were invited by the D'ni Restoration Council (DRC) to help restore D'ni. Others were let in by Jeff Zandi, who led explorers through a quest at the Preafter web site. This early exploration of D'ni is commonly referred to "Prologue." Some explorers classify themselves into further groups based on when they entered D'ni: Choru, Ubiru, Beta, and Rehearsal. Uru has many meanings, including "gathering" and "deep city."

  3. What is Untìl Uru?

    The DRC was soon overwhelmed with the influx of explorers and could not maintain the funding needed. In 2004, the restoration effort was abandoned. Roughly six months later, several explorers opened various portions of the Cavern (nicknamed "shards"). The DRC was no longer present to explore new areas and Ages, but explorers could once again gather and chat. The goal of Untìl Uru is to grow until Uru can happen again.

  4. What is D'mala?

    The DRC has organized D'mala as place to collect explorers into one gathering place (supplementing the explorer-operated shards). This is made possible through funding from an unnamed third-party (although some think Blake Lewin may be involved). Currently the DRC are still not exploring or opening new areas of the Cavern. This singular gathering place, however, has increased the number of explorers seen in the Cavern. It is a small step towards the DRC possibly resuming the Restoration of D'ni. D'mala means "come again." [ More info ]

  5. How do I join the explorers at D'mala?

    Explorers who have already journeyed to the Cavern can access D'mala as wll as invite new explorers to join them. Explorers who do not know any Untìl Uru explorers can request an invitation by e-mailing

  6. How does Myst V: End of Ages fit into this?

    Cyan Worlds has developed many video games in their Myst series based on Catherine's journals and other DRC research. We're not sure if anyone has experienced the events of Myst V or if it simply developed as artistic license by Cyan.

How can I find out more?

Please post any further questions in the Forum and we'll do our best to answer them.

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