Basics of D'ni Exploration

Groups and Organizations

  1. D'ni Restoration Council

    The DRC "is an independent, informal group of individuals whose main purpose is to oversee the exploration and restoration of D'ni. The council is currently headed by Dr. Marie Sutherland, Dr. Ikuro Kodama, Victor Laxman, and Michael Engberg." Dr. Richard Watson was once the DRC chair, but his whereabouts are currently unknown. [ source: DRCsite ]

  2. Cyan Worlds

    Cyan Worlds has developed many video games in their Myst series based on Catherine's journals and other DRC research. Although the DRC shares information with Cyan, they are mostly independent of each other. Cyan is currently working on an unannounced project.

  3. D'ni Explorers Guild

    It is the mission of the D’ni Explorers Guild to keep an active record of the restoration of D’ni through the publication of our journals, research, and KI images. [ More info ]

  4. The Great Tree

    "Members of the Great Tree are dedicated to the spiritual and physical Restoration of D'ni. In the spirit of cooperation, we share with all Explorers, regardless of station, affiliation or persuasion, our knowledge of the past and hope to provide an active role in the present and a voice in deciding the future." [ source: TGT ] [ More info ]

  5. Guild of Greeters

    The Guild of Greeters was established to assist new explorers to D’ni answering any questions they may have. [ More info ]

  6. The Cavern Communications Network

    "In early August 2005 a group of six Myst and Uru fans, who could soon become the founding members of The Cavern Communications Network, began discussing the viability of starting an Uru-based and themed Podcast. After about a week of throwing around ideas, founders Tyion, Veralun, RubyODegee, SteveCrox, Donahoo and D'Lanor called a meeting on a lonely Relto and were joined by SuperGram and Miles." [ source: CCN ] [ More info ]

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