Ahnonay clocktowerGuildmaster Kadish wrote Ahnonay shortly before the Fall of D’ni as part of his bid to fulfill the prophecies of the Watcher. It was said that the Grower would have the ability to travel through time, and Ahnonay was written to prove it was possible. Kadish kept the book in Rolep Pub (along with Er’Cana), and would lead visitors on tours through various eras of the Age to show off his abilities.


Tree in AhnonayAhnonay at first appears to be a fairly small Age. The Book in the Sanctuary leads to a short corridor (which isn’t actually located in Ahnonay) that has another Linking Book at its end. The world consists of a ring-shaped island surrounding a lake, at the center of which stands a curious device. There are three variations of Ahnonay, each showing a greater state development (or decay, depending on how you look at it).

Hut in AhnonayThe earliest stage is pleasant, with a pink sky that sheds a rosy glow over everything. The ocean stretches away in all directions, and inhabited islands appear to ring the horizon. Visitors can relax on the island, swim in the lake, and play with the native Quabs1. Note that currents in the ocean are powerful and should be avoided by all but the strongest swimmers.

In the second variation of Ahnonay, the oceans have boiled away to a thick fog, and dark gray clouds blot out the sun. The trees have all died away, and a fragile living crystal has developed in their place. All signs of civilization have crumbled away, and a heavy sense of time covers everything.

The third era is a far future, where the oceans have disappeared altogether. The island has died and broken up. All that is left are lifeless rocks hanging in a starry void.

Linking book in AhnonayIn reality, these three worlds all exist within a single Age. Each is contained within a large sphere, which are part of a rotating mechanism built into a natural waterfall of the actual Age. The device in the lake monitors the living objects in a particular sphere. When they have all left (linking back to the entry corridor), the mechanism quickly spins another sphere into place, so that when guests return to the Age it appears that they have arrived at a different time/place. This works under the rules of D’ni Linking theory, which say that a Link will always take you to the same spot in the Age regardless of any changes that have been made over time in that Age.

Kadish constructed various posts in and around the Age where he could watch over it in secret. A fourth sphere exists as well, in which he had a monumental statue of himself under construction (though it has long since been abandoned). There is also a failsafe mechanism installed that allowed him to control the spheres manually, should the need arise.

Additional Notes

Ahnonay is perhaps the most devious example of Kadish’s bid for power. Whether it was all a ploy or whether he actually believed himself to be the Grower is a matter of speculation. One can only marvel at his brilliant intellect, engineering skills, and the sheer scale of his undertakings, regardless of his ethics.

Quab in Ahnonay1) It is not known whether the Quabs were present in Kadish’s time, or whether they managed to populate it in his absence (being living creatures, they would presumably screw up his detection device). They are a land dwelling arthropod, with four legs and a triangular body. Two large eyes are situated on the corners of the carapace. Despite their resemblance to our local crabs, Quabs are noted for their distinct lack of aquatic skills.