Mysti's Uru Journal

Good... I'll need something to record my thoughts in. Best to start at the beginning, I suppose.

Day 1

I've been feeling 'called' as someone would say. To explore. To New Mexico, of all places. Just a gut feeling. So, feeling as impetuous as ever, I took leave and flew over to New Mexico. I arrived at a small town and stayed at a cheap hotel in Eddy County for a few nights. I would poke around during the days, going as far the Grand Canyon, trying to find what it was I felt I should do.

Today I was eating brunch at one of the local restaurants. I overheard two men talking about a fenced off volcano and the owner, some eccentric named Zandi.

Commenting how crazy he was. I talked to them some. It sounded interesting, so I asked for directions to the place. I took a bus to the stop nearest to it and then hiked the rest of the way. Luckily, it wasn't too far. As I approached the volcano (long extinct, or so the locals say) I saw some smoke rising from the crater.

I couldn't get very close, though, as it was also fenced off. I didn't really want to get much nearer to it anyways. Then I noticed a trailer a few hundred feet off to the right. I strolled over to see who was around. A guy in a tropical print shirt was sitting out under the awning, reading. He said his name was Zandi. He was so... cryptic. Vague. Anyways, he said there was a message for me in the 'Cleft', so I walked around a bit, looking for any clues.

A short distance away, I saw an enormous 'cleft' in the ground. Such a misnomer, not. I went over to the other side where I saw a rope ladder. After a brief moment of hesitation, I made up my mind and descended into the Cleft.

Looking around, I could see that there were rope ladders criss-crossing the middle of the rift. I walked across one, only to have it fall out from under me halfway across. Not surprising, really. The whole Cleft looked ancient.

I found my way back up again and walked into small room. It looked like a bedroom. There was a note on the bed. I can't remember exactly what it said, but something about Yeesha leaving her parents, Atrus and Catherine, to do something. Atrus called her his 'desert bird'. I found some interesting goggles in there, too. But after trying them on, they didn't really seem to fit. I put them in my backpack for safe keeping.

I left that room and went to the one right next to it. There I found nothing of interest, except for an unusual cloth on the wall. I touched it out of curiosity, and part of it glowed! Needless to say I was startled. I did it again, to make sure I hadn't been hallucinating, and it happened again, just like before. Curiouser and curiouser.

So I did a bit more exploring. After some climbing and careful walking, I discovered another room. This one had enough broken remains to show it had served as maybe a living room or dining room of sorts. On the walls were maps of what seemed to be tunnels. There was a large, strange looking device on the side opposite from the entrance. I fiddled with the controls, but nothing happened. So I walked down a flight of stairs to another room.

This one looked like a kitchen of sorts. There were pots and pans hanging from the rock ceiling. A long extinguished fire in resided in the corner. I looked around, searching for anything of interest. I soon found a lever that seemed to do something. Only after a long period of thinking and looking did I figure out what it was useful for. But it's getting rather late and I don't have time to go into that.

I managed to turn on the 'device' in the previous room. Turned out to be a fancy holo-projector type device. A young woman in a strange garb appeared. She spoke a few sentences in some foreign dialect before switching to English. She gave a long speech, talking about trees, quests and rivers. She was Yeesha, the Desert Bird.

Basically, she sent me on a journey to find seven 'Journey Cloths' in each 'Age' (I'm starting to think this might be a term for 'world'). It seems that the hand print fabric I had touched before was one of these mystical cloths. I went around, looking for these 'Journeys'. After a few more talks with Zandi and a few hours of searching, I finally found all seven. Every time I found a new one, more of the hand would light. And then, I did as Zandi had said and entered the tree.

I had gone down the ladder and walked about a foot when a symbol on the wall suddenly lit up, shining bright blue. It was a round design, with strange letters on it. I turned away and it faded, but when I looked again, it grew brighter again. Turning away again, I continued down the narrow hallway. Short tusks lined the walls.

It opened up into a small room, round and with a short pedestal in the center. There were more strange, blue, glowing symbols on the walls. A lamp hung from a network of tusks attached to the ceiling. A ring of water ran around the walls. And on the pedestal lay a book; it was no mere book. A book with a picture in it, but no writing, save an copy of the same symbol that I had seen at the beginning of the hallway. I picked up the book and looked through it's pages. But they were all blank, except for that first one. I decided to take it with me and go talk to Zandi about it. But as I was putting it under my belt for safekeeping, I felt an unusual sensation. Almost as if I had been pulled backwards by some tremendous force. No... that's still not good enough. Suffice to say it was very, very, strange. (I have a feeling the adjective is going to be used a lot in this journal)

Now I am here. I don't know for sure where 'here' is, but I have a feeling it is 'Relto', as mentioned by Yeesha. She called it 'the high place', and this certainly is.

This island I am on is not like any other island I have ever seen. Fog, not water, lies around it, stretching out as far as the eye can see. There is no life, save a few tufts of grass. Only a small mountain and stone hut, old and worn. Also, four stone pillars with curious designs stand a few feet from the hut door.

This little building is primitive, but not without features. Two windows can be opened or closed by the flip of a switch. There is a closet, too. Most interesting of all are the two bookshelves. I found this journal with a pen on one. Above it is a book with some drawings and the prophecies of some Oorpah fellow, and another book, equally confusing and vague. I'll read them more carefully later.

There's a single blue and gold book in the other shelf. I had barely touched it when it slid out of its slot and opened. There was another picture. Looks like a fountain of sorts. But I'm not leaving. For now, I need some sleep. Tomorrow ... my journey begins. Good thing I have a watch that tells the date, or I wouldn't know today from tomorrow.

Day 2

What an awful way to start the day.
I don't have a way back to New Mexico, or even Earth!!!
What have I gotten myself into?!

Okay. I need to get myself
under control. . Hopefully this 'journey' won't be too long.
I'm alone … Well, I'll just make a lot of journal entries. I just hope I can stay sane long enough to make it home, if I ever do.

But I wonder what I do now? I'll have to explore. Good thing Relto isn't at all big.

~ ~ ~ ~

I've been busy.

After using that book from my shelf, I ended up in a place named 'Bevin'. There are dozens of windows and doors, the place is like an apartment complex. Except very strange styling.

There's a big, dried-up fountain right where you appear. A white sign says 'Welcome to Bevin! Please go to the classroom for more information.'

There's a balcony, overlooking an immense lake. It glowed a dark orange... I don't know why, though. There are stalactites growing down from the high ceiling.. But there is no sun. Only artificial light. It is underground! When I looked out across the lake, I realized I was looking across an immense cavern. What a feeling. I could see some islands out there, and even more structures on the other walls of the cavern. There was a telescope on the balcony. I looked through and saw some blue and yellow lights, and the dark outline of some buildings. I think I was looking at one of the islands.

I poked around the rest of the place. Near the balcony, there were two TV-like things, each showing a holographic projection. One had a list of 'Visitors'. They all were here in February, though. Except for one person, Douglas something.

The other one had pictures of people. Not strange, alien people like I'd have suspected. Real human people, in ordinary clothes. (except for one for one in a strange looking suit) I suppose I'm not the only to have felt the call. To have started Yeesha's journey. But why aren't they here now?!

A little bit farther along, there's place resembling a garden, with strange plants and some lamps. I found that I could turn the lights on or off from the above bridge.
Then I got to what I think is the classroom. There was another holo-projector in there, with several messages from the 'DRC', or 'D'ni Restoration Council'. It says 'the cones and barricades are for your protection' or 'don't drink the lake water'.

So it would seem that this 'DRC' is in control of the Restoration of D'ni. I think Yeesha mentioned the underground city of D'ni in her speech! So this cavern place is D'ni ...obviously, there is more to it than this small area. But how will I get there? I don't know. But I'm going to, somehow. Also, one of the messages referred to stamped 'linking books'. I bet those are the books I've been using to get around between Ages.

A poster board in the classroom said to go to Gahreesen to pick up my KI. Interesting. My head is getting sore.

Right beside to door to the classroom was another door, but it was locked and I couldn't get through. I wonder if there's a way to open it?

Lastly, I found a book stand with a book on it. (Duh) There was a slot on the side of the stand that didn't seem to do anything, even when I felt around inside it, so I just used the linking book.

That takes me up to this point. I'm in a small, round room, with machinery noises growling in my ears. There's a device on the wall that I can't get to work. It has a slot, just like that book stand, but it doesn't seem to work. And they both have this circle symbol, with a semicircle inside it. I'm going to go back to Relto and see if there's anything else there, as there's nothing I can do here.


~ ~ ~ ~


I found another way off of Relto. Those four pillars have hand print shapes on them, just like the Journey Cloths. Of course, I tried touching one. The exterior slid down to reveal a book.

I went around to the other three to see if they worked the same, and they seem to. After taking a good look at all of them, I went back to the one I had opened first. I made sure I had my Relto book safely attached to my belt (wouldn't want to be stranded somewhere else!) and left.

The next place was... well, amazing. There were huge, purple trees everywhere. And I don't mean the 'big' trees like redwoods. These things were gargantuan. Leaves were falling everywhere. The trees were so tall that they formed an impenetrable canopy far, far above. The ground looked almost paved, though, which confuses me. It looks like a forest, but with pavers?! I don't know. From where I stood, there seemed to be two paths going off to the left and right.

After just standing and gawking for a while, I walked around a bit. I found a round object, attached to the floor very well. It had an orange, stained-glass symbol on it, depicting what looked like a stylized drawing of a book on it. Most likely, a linking book.

So I took one of the pathways and walked for a bit. I came to an area with a round platform in the center, with pillars around it. A staircase led up to it from my level.

On top, there was another linking book! There seem to be dozens of them! This particular one had a red stamp on the opposite page that said 'DRC'. So, according to the message back in Bevin, that book is approved use by the D'ni Restoration Council. Even so, I didn't link out immediately. There was a device that looked almost like a telescope a few feet away, and I fiddled with it some. But it seemed rather trivial. So I went back to the book and left.

Another 'Wow' place. It looked kind of like an art gallery of sorts. Or maybe an entrance hall.

There were lots and lots of stained glass paintings. Very expensive looking. But everything I've been seeing lately has been lavish. The people that lived here and in the forest-world must have been rather wealthy. There were two doors at one end of the room, but there were barricades in my way. I was a bit surprised to see bright orange traffic barricades in a place that seemed so ancient. These were probably the work of the DRC as well. Why did they block this off? Is there something dangerous beyond those doors? Curious.

At the other end of the room there was a linking book back to tree-land.

I poked around a bit and had something to eat before heading back. (I bet these places have names, but what? I'll have to keep my eyes open)

I'm at the platform now, and it's time I went and checked out that other path.


~ ~ ~ ~


Man, what a day. There is so much to do, so much to see! I can hardly wait until tomorrow, when I go back to exploring. Although I don't really have a sense of 'tomorrow', I suppose... this island doesn't seem to have any nighttime.

From now on, I'm going to stop putting down such long descriptions. I simply won't have time. Too much to do and see.

So, I found two more of those telescope-things. I still don't have a clue what they're for though. And I found a weird stone. It had a picture like one of those books, but it was on a cloth, attached to a flat stone tablet, about 9"x4". Of course, I touched it.

Ended up on a small balcony, overlooking what looked like a city of sorts. Everything was dark. There was a chasm below, and a bridge far to the left. There was a small walkway below, with some doors. I couldn't find a way off that balcony, though. I wish I could get out there... maybe someday I will.

I used my Relto book and left. I couldn't figure out what to do now in the tree-place, and I am tired. So, goodnight journal. Tomorrow, I'm going to try one of the other pillar books.

~ ~ ~ ~

Day 3

Well, I won't have to worry about writing too long a description about this place, because I couldn't. It's a desert. Rocky pinnacles, lava flows, steam vents, and a few sparse plants dot the landscape. It's nighttime right now, I don't know if that ever changes. I've come to expect the unusual in these 'Ages'. I saw a couple of Journeys, and retrieved one. I'm not sure I know how to reach the other. I'll figure it out. I've got to.


~ ~ ~ ~


This is frustrating. I can see another linking book from here, but I can't get to it! The drop is too steep. Yeesha must have it there for some reason, I've just got to find a way to it. Oh, and the sun is coming up and the two moons are just over the horizon. I've got an idea.


~ ~ ~ ~


... which I can scrap for the time being. Funny, my failure is making me 'fume'. I think I'm doing something wrong with them. Oh well. I'm tired. And it's late. I'll sleep on it.

Day 4

At least one of those 'normal' books is useful. I figured out the name of these Ages. The forest is 'Kadish Tolesa', and the desert is 'Eder Gira'. There also is 'Eder Kemo', 'Gahreesen' (I looking back, I see that I can get a KI from Gahreesen. I'll have to do that sometime) and 'Teledahn', but I haven't been to them, yet. I'll have do that soon. Teledahn and Gahreesen are the two remaining pillar books, but I don't know where I'd get to Eder Kemo from. Kemo and Gira are both Eders and on the same page, so they probably are connected somehow. Maybe. I don't know.

I've already done another thorough search of Relto, and I'm 100% sure there aren't any more books here that I haven't found.

I'm going back to Kadish Tolesa to see if I missed anything last time I was there.


~ ~ ~ ~



This Age is obviously bigger than I first thought. I've made some progress, only to find yet another perplexing obstacle. Assuming there's more beyond there, I'd say Kadish is no small world. Definitely nothing as small as Relto. Whoever, or whatever, made this place must have been very, very rich. Extravagance on a grand scale.

What I don't understand is why the puzzles. Unless the owner of this Age was a puzzle-loving nutter, there has to be a reason for them. At least the first one was easy enough. (art is so enlightening!) But this one is more perplexing. I guess it's more than just another pattern, but what? Oh well. I'm tired, and it's already past midnight. Time to catch some Zs.


~ ~ ~ ~


Day 5


Hmmmm. Food.


I didn't think about how long mine would last... I've got enough to last a good while in my pack... probably a month or so. If I ration it, maybe two. Unless Yeesha was smart enough to put some food sources around... not likely, considering doesn't even remember to put in a bathroom. Genius, that lady is.


I'm off to Gira.


~ ~ ~ ~


It is hot. I'm sitting under a large, reddish flower-thing while I write... but it's not much relief. The sun's at it's highest point and I can see the heat waves coming off the ground. My head is throbbing, my skin is burning, sweat beading on my forehead... the steam vents are pushing out even more air than ea


Of course! The vents!


~ ~ ~ ~


Now this is good. I made it down to the area with the linking book and the water. Water... I won't be running out, that's for sure. It tastes fine, no discernible pollutants or suspended particles. And it's cool. Splendidly cool. I had a nice shower in the waterfalls and refilled my water bottles.

There are large bones protruding from the ground, and a rib cage about 7 feet tall. Hope I don't run into a living one of these creatures. One of the falls goes off the edge of this pinnacle, towards the ground. Out a few miles I can see a forest, mountain, and maybe... I think I see a village. But how will I get there?! Do I jump down the falls? That would probably be lethal.

There are some dark caves behind one pair of waterfalls. Baskets, nets, ropes, and logs are stacked in a corner. I turned on a pair of steam-powered lamps for a little illumination. There's a dark tunnel, big enough for me to fit through, but it is too dark. Even feeling my way along, I can't seem to get anywhere. And there aren't any portable light sources around. Oh, what I wouldn't do for a flashlight.

That linking book looks enticing... but I'm going to wait until tomorrow to use it. I don't know what might be on the other side, and I should be alert, not as sleepy as I am now. Back to Relto for the night.


Day 7


Cool day so far. As in, temperature. The linking book in Gira brought me to a totally different place... it is raining hard, and the thunder is quite loud. Chilly. I'm sitting at the link-in spot, under a shelter. I wonder if it is always raining?

There's another one of Yeesha's symbols on the ground below me. If I strain my eyes, I can see some trees not too far away and a pool of water. I think I see something moving on the cliff face, but I can't tell if it's an animal or just a plant, swaying in the wind.



It's letting up, finally. Time to poke around.


~ ~ ~ ~


This rain is getting on my nerves. Constantly starting and stopping, like a child playing with a faucet. Every few minutes I have to run for cover, or this journal will get ruined. Can't have that. I'm going to link back to Relto and leave it there, once I finish this entry.

This must be Kemo. Almost the exact opposite of Gira... wet, temperate... not to mention all the plants. Zen-like, or whatever the word is. I wonder if there's any fruit around that would be safe to eat? There are large insect things hanging off the tops of the cliffs...were it not for my allergies, I might consider cooking them. Or even the rays in Gira. I'll just have to make due with what I have.

Seems this Age was made as a sort of garden. Ornate lamps, a fountain, benches, and gazebos are everywhere. But not a single person!

I found the first Journey cloth in this Age. Strangely, even then first time I touched it, more than the amount usual lit up. It also glowed the same color as the Gira cloths. Interesting.

~ ~ ~ ~

Day 8


Good morning, me.


Found one more cloth in Kemo last night, before linking home. Judging by how much has filled, I'd say I've only got three more to find. Which is impossible, because I've only found 2 in Kemo, but there are supposed to be seven in each Age.

Unless... is it possible to link to another place in the same Age? Maybe Gira and Kemo are in the same world, but far apart. That would explain the strange behavior of the cloths, too. Or maybe Yeesha just forget to mention these two Ages were 'connected'. She certainly did seem the type to do that.

I think I'll mosey on over to Kadish.


~ ~ ~ ~


So much for maintaining sanity.

I sit here in the center of the round floor, the bathed in an spooky, cold light. My legs are cramping from running back and forth form the controls, along the light path, trying to force the door, for the last six hours. What am I doing wrong? There's got to be a way through that door, I just need to find it. How, though... how...

I've been thinking about this place, why it would be built (or written, considering it was a book that took me here...) the way it is. One, it could be a secure fort of sorts. But I find that immensely unlikely, this place is simply too... elegant, beautiful, to have any military purpose. Then it occurred to me that these puzzles might be like an immensely intricate lock, guarding the way to something... something of either great value or devastating power. Or even, somethings. The one I find least likely, but still plausible, is that this is an Age designed as a sort of 'toy'. A puzzle for people to work with, as I am now. If one could go to different Ages, maybe even any sort of Age, it seems possible that one could be written for entertainment.

Either way, I must find the Journeys here, and to do so, I have to solve this puzzle. And solve it I shall.