The Preafter Quest

www.preafter.comSome may think we have too much time on our hands. Maybe we're just looking for a good excuse to express our inner craziness. Or maybe we're sending crop signals to the penguin army to begin the invasion.

Intrigued by clues posted by Prof. Zandi at, MYST fans started scouring books and movies to find answers. The answers led to journeys.

Whatever the reason, here are the results:


People JourneyPeople Journey

By far the toughest to organize, our finished journey has stayed above the bar and enjoyed a brief cameo as the first picture on the index page! Special thanks goes to the NPCA Theatre Arts I students and the NPCA gym teacher for making this journey possible.


Pine JourneyPine Journey

Initial polaroid troubles are conquered to win Deg a spot in the first 10 journeys submitted.



Scarf JourneyScarf Journey

It's not very fleeting, but it is very nice knitting... and very warm. Now if only Crystalline could teach Deg how to make such nice scarves. It won't be too cold down in D'ni, will it?


Crystalline Snow JourneyCrystalline Snow Journey

Ever feel like your life is going in spirals?


Snow JourneySnow Journey

Our Rime-esque journey was big and public, but didn't make it onto the site. However, we had lots of snowy penguin fun making it!


Egg JourneyEgg Journey

To celebrate the D'ni New Year the next day, Deg created this Easter egg.



Seed JourneySeed Journey

Crystalline's journey consisted of birdseed on a napkin on the dining room floor. The t-shirt she won was well worth the odd looks she got from her family.


Dirt JourneyDirt Journey

Deg was walking down the street (with his digital camera, of course) and noticed a lawn with no grass. He couldn't resist, and the journey was created.

Galexy Quest ProofGalexy Quest Proof

We were just a tad too slow to get this proof posted.