Journey to MYST Island

Ten years ago millions of people got their first glimpse at the Island of MYST. To celebrate this achievement, we will be publishing Nikhil's journal throughout the upcoming months. Dive into the original story that was the first experience of Art of D'ni.

Day One

This island, Myst, is spectacular. When I first arrived, all I could see was a sunken ship on my right and to my left, a paradise. Countless pine trees lay on the lush green grass. As I walked, I came across a beautiful library. This building held many records of Atrus's travels. As I read about Channelwood, I was mystified. I continued on to an observatory. This time, I sat down in an unusual chair. As I sat down, I saw a screen flop down in front of me. I entered in a random date on the screen, and I saw a wonderful representation of the night's sky on it. I wonder what Catherine was thinking...

Day Two

I stayed the night in an old cabin near the pine trees. I have a suspicion there is something familiar about it... As I ventured out of the cabin, I saw a unique clock tower in the water surrounding the island. There was a pedestal with gears right next to me, with which I could change the time on the watch tower. Very interesting. The surroundings were still covered in mist, like the day before (hence the name Myst?). There is much more to explore, but I shall take a rest now.

Day Three

I've left for you a message
of utmost importance in
our fore-chamber beside
the dock. Enter the number
of marker switches on
this island into the imager
to retreive the message.


I found this lying near the observatory today. I went to explore and try to find the "fore-chamber". I found it. Inside of it there was little, save a pedestal, with a weird surface, which I concluded is the imager. As I touched it, a inexplicable thing happened! The surface went away! All that was left was a bunch of yellow things...
Meanwhile, I have found out there are several marker switches on the island.. I shall have to count them tommorow.

Day Four

Today was a long day. I have not done so much in my whole life. I feel a strong power pushing me to do this, like an invisible hand. Today, I found out the number of marker switches on the island. There were so many, that I don't remember by now. I went to the observatory and put in the numbers. A strange pattern showed up on the screen, so i drew it on my notepad, and continued on my journey. I observed that there was a generator chamber under my cabin today. Hmm....

Day Five

Today was interesting. I found library today by means of a complicated process. I walked in the main building on the island pushed some books, and there we go. An elevator stood before me. I went in and pressed the Library button. But, once I got up there, there was nothing to see except a ladder. I was tired then, so I turned back, and
went to the cabin. Tomorrow, I will explore more thoroughly.

Day Six

Whew! It was a long day today. I was in the rotating tower when I found many interesting messages on the walls. I found that some of these messages happened to be clues, once I worked them out. I used these messages to find much. In the generator room below my cabin, I pressed many buttons to match the number on my first clue. Also, I was walking around when I saw a spaceship. I walked in it, and saw a control panel that I knew had something to do with the page in that book in the library! I fooled around with the keys a bit, and then came back to the cabin. I shall rest now, and then continue my puzzling adventure.

Day Seven

Aha! Remember those strange symbols in the constellations? I went to the central part of the island, where pillars with corresponding symbols lay, and pressed certain buttons. Nothing happened....I walked around a bit, pondering this unique mystery. And, then, I saw the ship in the harbor had resurfaced! I went in and discovered many things, which will have to wait for tomorrow, including a Book! A new age...Well, I am tired and must be getting back to bed.

More coming soon...