Holiday Spirit Abound

After enjoying a wonderful Christmas morning and taking my dog for a walk in the new-fallen snow, I ventured down to the Cavern in search of some holiday cheer. There was plenty to be found.

Numerous explorers were dancing and chatting around the fountain in the Greeters Guild Neighborhood. Santa hats were found on many of their heads as well as red and green clothing on their bodies. Douglas Sharper celebrated by decorating a tree from his Relto and placing in his office in D’ni. The DRC also placed a menorah at the Dakota Rooftop camp. A holiday message was also found on the imagers in neighborhood classrooms. The Greeters Guild also introduced holiday e-cards to send on their web site. Lonelyto25 featured a Christmas story unlike any other in his MysteriumHouse comics.

Those who could not venture down to D’ni celebrated in Cyan Chat with festive names such as “Pheener the Snowman,” “lonelytoDec25,” and “Deg the hall.” The first holiday season for the newly-opened D’ni cavern was a blast. Let’s hope for many more to come.