The Great Zero

The Great Zero The Great Zero. From just the teaser view that was given prior to the opening, it seemed to be so intriguing and powerful from its outlandish crystalline appearance. Accessing my Nexus, I selected the Great Zero Observatory and after the book was found I was sent into what initially looked to be a viewing room of sorts. It seemed to over look a section of the D’ni lake and below the window looking out, a DRC book and a linking book back to the Nexus. At first glance there was really nothing spectacular, but there was a shocking sound, persisting in the background. Turning around, I was greeted with the Great Zero itself.

From my vantage point, I gazed long through the window taking it all in, trying to apprehend what met my eyes. I was filled with a longing to be closer to have a better view then through the cracked faded glass that protected me from jumping out without thinking. But there is hope. In the DRC book there were instructions on how to enter into the Great Zero itself, and even mentions of a Calibration room beyond. I quickly slipped my hand into the KI updater and was ready to hunt to the ends of Ae’gura and beyond for points.

The search for points was difficult at first, not knowing exactly where any but the initial give away point would be. But as I gave my searching time, I soon had 15 activated and was ready to re-enter the Antechamber. After I uploaded the points, I hurried to my Nexus and clicked on the new ‘Great Zero’ link now visible. Again as in teasing, I was standing staring straight at a far wall, with nothing apparent but the view of the Antechamber that I had just left. The crackling thunder bade me to turn and let my draw drop. It was much larger then I had gauged from the observatory.

I spent some time now circling as best I could the large rotating complex mechanism. The water sloshing into a spinning vortex at the bottom creating a curiosity I had to quench. Just heading up the stairs, I was shocked to find a blue laser hanging in the air above the water moving to the Great Zero. Following it back even further, a door on either side of the channel of water blocked me. I surmised that this must lead to the Calibration center. So again I trudged to Ae’gura and D’ni to explore to find new points. I searched high and low, but I could only get so close, not having enough to enter the next chamber.

The new KIAlthough only able to see the Great Zero up close it is worth all the trouble of finding the waypoints for entry. And when entry is granted into the Calibration center, I can tell that the game of scoring the least amount of time on runs will be a much played and respected pastime.