What is the D'ni Explorers Guild?

It is the mission of the D’ni Explorers Guild to keep an active record of the restoration of D’ni through the publication of our journals, research, and KI images. The D’ni Restoration Council has left the Cavern, but we chose to remain. We will continue to explore D’ni and its Ages.

Rebuild or Restore?

Throughout our expedition, The D’ni Explorers Guild practices a Low-Impact policy. Based on the ideals of Leave No Trace camping, we do not intend to rebuild D’ni. We have set up semi-permanent facilities, such as tents and rappel gear, to aide in our exploration. However, we currently do not have the resources to take on such an enormous effort. If the assets become available for a rebuilding effort, we may reevaluate our stance on this issue at that time.

Choosing a Path

Many explorers have reported meeting Yeesha, daughter to Atrus. This has been our only contact thus far with any D’ni survivor. The D’ni Explorers Guild believes explorers should have the choice to follow Yeesha, as long as they do not put their fellow explorers at risk. We welcome the pursuit to learn more about Yeesha and the Bahro, and equally welcome those who chose not to. The choice is not one that can be made by the Guild.

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